Crib Alternatives for a New Baby

Bassinets, cradles, cosleepers…. there are so many options! Here are some newborn sleep spaces that you may not have considered, but should!

Plum + Sparrow Moses Basket  This handwoven Moses basket with leather handles offers an adorable and very mobile sleep space for your little one. With the ability to move it into any room of the house or throw it into your car to bring with you for a day trip or overnight stay, your baby will always have a familiar space to play or rest.

Crescent Womb Baby Hammock  While there are some absolutely adorable baby hammocks available in Australia and Europe, there are surprisingly few options for parents in the U.S. It looks like the Crescent Womb may change that! This hammock attaches to a crib, toddler bed, or a stand, making it another mobile sleep option.

DockATot and Snuggle Me Organic  Here are two co-sleeping beds designed to give your baby a safe, comfortable sleep space wherever you go! While there are differences in the designs and available materials, both of these companies have created a portable and cozy bed for your little one to enjoy at home and on the road.

Various cosleepers, bassinets, and mini cribs are also available, providing your little one with a safe sleeping space right next to your own bed.

Whether you need help sorting through your options, or you just need some good sleep yourself, we are here to help. Our postpartum doulas are experts in options, helping you decide what will work best for you and your family. If it is not the sleeping area but the sleep itself you are seeking for you and your baby, a postpartum doula can be a dream come true! She will ensure your little one is sleeping safely while you and your partner enjoy some worry free sleep of your own.

Contact us to learn more or schedule postpartum support for you or a loved one.


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